About Zoe

Zoe Elrick aims to help communities, people, and nature.  She tries to do so in multiple ways, often simultaneously. For instance, Zoe is a naturalist and a culturalist, a scientist and an artist, a student and a teacher, a curriculum designer, a landscape architect and ecologist, and advocates communities, health, and sustainable economies. 

Through the Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program, she teaches nature classes.  She does holistic landcare and holistic design, see z-hub z-design.  Also, she designs curriculum and authors and illustrates education materials at the Pocket Pumpkin Press.  Also, she works for an ecological restoration firm of prairies, woodlands, and wetlands.  

Zoe is a landscape architect and designer.  She likes to design the land, to design outdoor classrooms, to design educational outdoor activities, and to design academic lessons that relate to the local outdoors and community.  Her designs fit right in at camps, schoolyards, nature centers, community centers, and other places aiming to connect people with nature.  See z-hub z-design.

Zoe has a daily blog that exhibits glimpses of a variety of activities she does. This is Zoe's Monthly Blog, which is even more concise. 

If you'd like to contact Zoe as a designer, or to attend and or donate to nature classes, 
email Zoe at galienvalley@gmail.com (Galien Valley Nature and Culture Program) 
or email Zoe at zoe.gv.blog@gmail.com

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